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Innlights Displaysolutions specializes in LED displays and sophisticated LED system solutions. We have a wide range of products and experience in implementing national and international installation and rental projects.

Ambitiously, we continuously develop our products and services and can always offer our customers the latest solutions. In addition to a careful selection of products and system components, we attach great importance to competent employees who are regularly trained according to the latest technical standards.

The satisfaction of our customers, compliance with all relevant safety standards and the consistently high quality of our products and services are our top priorities. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge and innovative LED imaging technologies to inspire our customers for new and innovative applications.


The LED portfolio of Innlights Displaysolutions is comprehensive and market leading. We offer the latest LED technology for rental and sale. Read here publications and news about our products and our project work.



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Klem, Thomas


Dipl. Oec., B.Sc.

Wang, Janine

Business Development

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Beckmann, Vera

Product Design


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Du, Chris

QC Department, Int. Sales

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Roenneke, Dominik

Press Representation

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Tienes, Valery

Office Management


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Birkenbach, Kolja

IT / Media Engineering

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Clement, Reinke

Technical Project Management

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Goergen, Niclas

Technical Project Management

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Hoffmann, Patrick

Technical Project Management

Dipl. -Wirtsch. -Ing. (FH)

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Reindl, Paul

Trainee event technology

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Schmidt, Sebastian

Technical Support

Fachkraft für Veranstaltungstechnik (IHK)

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Zarour, Ahmad

Trainee event technology


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Pütter, Nils




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