LED-Screen fixed installation Giga-Center

High-resolution LED display InnScreen J2 with RCA control. The Giga-Center in a prime location on the Hohenzollernring stands for pure Family Center entertainment. On five floors, visitors will find plenty of entertainment: from billiards and darts to electronic games such as online and VR games. The media equipment of the center is very modern. In April, Innlights Displaysolutions installed another high-resolution LED display on the ground floor in a prominent position after an impressive LED installation on the façade of the Giga-Center in 2014. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “Four years ago, we took over four-storey high-level LED display InnScreen X9 in operation, which is still in operation without errors. The task for the recently installed indoor LED display was solved with InnScreen J2 and our user-friendly control app RCA “. The J2 display has an HD resolution with a small pixel pitch of 2.9 mm and is recorded and controlled with the Innlights Remote Control Application. So the customer can not only update and adapt the content with the practical app from his smartphone, but also select different sources of feed, for example to feed TV programs. Optionally and as a future application, the integration of the LED wall is planned in the regular paid game range of the Giga-Center. For this purpose, the RCA control is extended by a customer-specific program module. Thomas Klem comments: “We presented the Innlights Remote Control Application at the beginning of the year at the Best of Events. We are pleased about the continued great interest and the many possible applications for the visual digitization of content “.

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