New 60 qm high-end LED screen at CentrO

Innlights display solutions with InnScreen F10 blackface for SIGN YOU mediascreen.

On Essener Straße in Oberhausen, the Wuppertal-based company Innlights Displaysolutions has renewed one of its older LED installations after many years of use on behalf of the media owner. In the process, the advertising space in the best location on CentrO was doubled. The replacement was completed in just five days, including dismantling, conversion of the steel substructure and installation of 66 InnScreen F10 blackface LED panels.

The structural measures on site were carried out completely by the interdisciplinary team of Innlights. Kolja Birkenbach from Innlights adds: “In addition to the installation work, we also designed the steel support during the planning phase. It is precisely matched to the dimensions and weight of the InnScreen F10 outdoor panel with its lightweight aluminum construction. The image technology weighs only 2 tons in total with a display size of 10.5 meters wide and 5.8 meters high.

The display is weatherproof specified as IP65 and designed for front service. The brilliant image of the blackface display is based on the redundantly designed “Jointec-SMD”. The InnScreen F10 LED panel achieves 4,000 cd/qm brightness with extremely high contrast-levels. Kolja Birkenbach adds: “With panels from our F series, we have previously commissioned a large LED display with InnScreen F8 modules for SIGN YOU here at CentrO in Oberhausen. Since then, this has proven its cost-effectiveness, in 24/7 operation all year round with its energy-saving technology and high UV resistance”.

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