Architectural LED-screen

New Innlights S-Series available with pixel pitches 1.9 mm, 2.6 mm and 3.9 mm. For permanent LED installations in retail shops, conference rooms, clubs and foyers, the InnScreen S series – with a quite low installation depth of just 42 mm – is the perfect choice. Particularly interesting for retail applications: the LED panels can be adapted to the interior design and circulate inside and outside corners and are completely revisable from the front of the display. Due to the low structural strength of the LED panel, the loss of space is minimal. For perfect fitting, the 25 cm high S-Series LED panels are available in different widths of 50 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm. The refresh rate of up to 3.840 Hz ensures best video performance. The image is bright and very rich in contrast with a large viewing angle of 140°, vertically and horizontally. First installations with InnScreen S2 and S3 are already in daily use. For example, in a bank in Rabat, Morocco, a 14 square meter LED display with a 4k resolution in the customer center and a 7 meter wide LED display band in the foyer were recently put into operation. And since the 26th of April, a 28 sqm InnScreen S3-screen, with a native resolution of 4.544 x 384 pixels, lits the well-known Pacha Ibiza Club in Munich. The S-Series LED installations are fed via tablet PCs with the successful Innlights Remote Control Application (RCA). The Innlights S-series among others is an innovative product for the perfect visual digitization of the retail shop segment.

Innlights expands rental park

LED display product InnScreen C3 now available. Innlights Displaysolutions as a supplier of professional LED technologies for trade fair, event and permanent installation extends its dry-hire portfolio. After the high-resolution Indoor LED Cabinet InnScreen Q3, InnScreen C3 is now also available in large numbers in the rental park.

With the small 3.91 mm Q3 pixel pitch, the C3 cabinet allows concave and convex curved LED displays for indoor use. The construction, whether flat or curved, is fast, simple and precise. Angulations  in 5° increments from 1° to 20° “convex curved” and 1° to 30° “concave curved” can be realized. Within a video wall plane and curved arrangements are freely combinable. With a large viewing angle of 140° vertically and horizontally, with a brightness of up to 1200 cd/m² and fast processing, InnScreen C3 offers high-quality images via black face LEDs. At the same time, the power consumption is very low with an average of 72 W per cabinet. InnScreen C3 is designed for rental use and very robustly manufactured on the basis of an aluminum CNC milled frame. The cabinets are equipped with a quick release system for tool-free installation. Marius Kuschmierz, CTO at Innlights, commented: “Our new cabinet is designed for the permanent assembly and dismantling at trade fairs and events. With its creative curving options, InnScreen C3 is an excellent addition to our rental portfolio. In addition, we are currently able to offer cross-rental investments for the quantitatively large product batch.”

Essener Lichterwochen with LED-mesh by Innlights

InnScreen I30 for semi-transparent outdoor video installation. It is dawning early in these days. At the Willy-Brandt-Platz in Essen, this created the necessary framework for a very special event. As part of the “Essener Lichterwochen”, every evening from October 29 to January 7, the video installation “Curtain of Light” is shown on a giant LED curtain.

Exciting motifs and animations on the subject of “Green Capital Europe – Essen 2017” were presented. The 16-meter-wide LED mesh curtain hung between two buildings on a 60-meter steel cable. In mesh technology, the individual SMD LEDs are arranged on a dimensionally stable carrier network. The nets can be plugged together and can create large image areas when combined. The LED product from Innlights Displaysolutions in Wuppertal, Germany, is called the InnScreen I30 and weighs just 8.6 kg/m², making it ideal for large, hanging outdoor applications. The mesh product with a pixel pitch of 30 millimeters and a transparency of 45% is safe to use even under heavy wind loads. At the same time, the image brightness of 2,000 cd/m² is very brilliant. Innlights not only supplied and installed the LED technology, but also provided the video processing and playback technology. The image content and program flow was produced by the communication agency V2A.NET from Essen. All content has been specially designed for the semi-transparent LED curtain. Innlights Managing Director Thomas Klem comments: “The technical advantages on the one hand and the creative possibilities on the other hand achieved the impressive image effect of the LED curtain at the “Essener Lichterwochen”. Thanks to the transparent LED technology, the pictures were atmospherically collaged with the backdrop of the illuminated square”.

LED-Displays for Exzenterhaus Bochum

Freestanding LED pylons from Innlights Displaysolutions. The Exzenterhaus Bochum is a striking high-rise on Universitätsstraße. It is known nationally with its eye-catching architecture. Since mid-May, a large LED display has been installed on the busy street next to the building in each direction of travel. The daylight-capable displays provide information about the 2013 completed business and office tower.

On behalf of the agency peak2 from Bochum, the company Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal planned and installed these two LED pylons in public space on the street. Managing Director Thomas Klem reports on the two advertising spaces: “As an LED provider, we do not just see ourselves as a hardware provider, but as a partner for the entire implementation. We supply our customers with finished solutions ranging from statics and metal construction to high-quality LED technology for years of reliable 24/7 operation. Thus, the customer acquires a complete installation from a single source “. In the planning phase, the size is defined and the optimum LED technology for the respective location is selected. For the two locations at the Exzenterhaus Bochum, the image size was 3.5 x 2.5 meters. The LED display was designed in the arrangement of 7 x 5 panels with the high-resolution outdoor product InnScreen M5 with a brightness of 5,000 cd / sqm. With a pixel pitch of 5.95 mm, the image area achieves a resolution of 588 x 420 pixels, which shows passers-by and passing vehicals a bright and brilliant image. For easy handling by the operator, the system was delivered together with the appropriate digital signage software “Friendly Way”. The customer can import the desired content without external effort in no time and bring it to the LED displays for viewing. Thomas Klem comments: “This makes our LED pylons a modern, digital advertising space for our customers. In addition, Innlights Displaysolutions is always available as part of its after-sales service. For the customer, this means a secure investment for long-term, trouble-free usagee. “

Innlights LED-videodisplay for Just Fit

Welcome Desk with high resolution media installation. Just Fit, one of the leading fitness providers in North Rhine-Westphalia, operates 22 state-of-the-art fitness facilities and recently reopened its “Feminin Fitnessclub” in Cologne’s Mediapark at the beginning of May. Fitness and lifestyle determine the new appearance.

At the welcome desk, visitors are welcomed with an eye-catching LED video display in the Just Fit look with various training and sports scenes in the format 4.0 x 1.5 meters. Planning and implementation for hardware and playback are made by Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal. The innovative welcome desk display is high-resolution and is based on the LED technology InnScreen J2 with a pixel pitch of only 2.9 mm. Christoph Heidrich, Technical Project Manager at Innlights Displaysolutions says: “The brilliant and bright image of the display can be seen from a large viewing angle of 140 ° vertically and horizontally. At the same time, the power consumption of the LED screen is low and allows cost-effective continuous operation of the media installation.” Innlights Displaysolutions also provides the operator with individual and user-friendly software tools for the playback of the content. With the “Content Composer” the customer can prepare and import all contents in the digital signage application himself. Miriam Gräper, Just Fit Marketing: “With this overall solution, our welcome desk is very appealing and informative for our members upon arrival. We can import all content quickly and flexibly without incurring external costs. “

Innlights much noticed at the BOE

Innovative LED screen and precise kinetics as a pulse generator. Under the motto “LED screen meets kinetics”, Innlights Displaysolutions presented a large LED display installation using kinetic elements from 18. – 19.01.17 in Dortmund for BEST OF EVENTS. In cooperation with the partner companies Lleyendecker, ARRI Media and Nemedia, a sample application was created, that has been received very positively by the visitors.

Thanks to precise and synchronous movements, combined with high image resolution, the mobile square-screen InnScreen J2 LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.976 mm received a lot of attention. Marius Kuschmierz, CTO of Innlights, comments: “The J2 Cabinet with its outstanding image quality has a wireless design with integrated HARTING connections for data and power supply. This makes it ideal for mobile applications, as we see them here on the stand “. A particular highlight of the LED display: For the 50 square meter large area, different Innlights LED cabinets were used for direct image and product comparisons. Dramatically integrated in the show, the motor-driven LED display positioned itself in front of the LED video wall, which was equipped with InnScreen Q3 ST in the center and with InnScreen M5 on the sides.

InnScreen Q3 is a high-resolution cabinet for indoor use, while InnScreen M5 is an outdoor product with a brightness of 5,000 cd / m2. In the base of the LED video wall and in the floor another highlight of the booth was shown. Innlights M5 is also the bottom cabinet with the highest image resolution on the market today with a pixel pitch of 5.95 mm. By means of adjustable foot elements, the outdoor cabinets become a high-quality floor display in any arrangement. Thomas Klem, CEO of Innlights Displaysolutions, summarized the BOE presentation: “We wanted to set innovative impulses with our LED display installation and we were pleased about the very positive response from customers and interested parties. Innlights sees itself as a competent partner for outstanding LED projects and customized special solutions “.

LED screen meets kinetics

Innovative LED image solutions for the BEST OF EVENTS in Dortmund. The symbiosis of LED displays with precise kinetics will be presented by Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal at this year´s BEST OF EVENTS on January 18th and 19th. In hall 4 C08 at Innlights joint stand in cooperation with the companies Lleyendecker, ARRI Media and Nemedia, the latest technological developments and current trends will be shown.

The image technology is based on LED products from Innlights in conjunction with the kinetic equipment from Lleyendecker under the programming of Nemedia. Visitors to the trade fair will also experience state-of-the-art in another innovation that introduces Innlights at the trade fair: an LED display in the floor with the highest image resolution. Both media installations on the stand prove the technical and creative potential of current LED image media. Innlights Displaysolutions sees itself as a competent partner for outstanding LED projects and customized special solutions.