Innlights delivers 450 sqm LED panels for a digital art project

Drive in Museum Rotterdam relies on InnScreen R3 HE-Series 

In special times, new and innovative concepts emerge. This was also the case last summer in Rotterdam’s exhibition halls. The “Boijmans Van Beuningenmuseum had already closed before the pandemic in 2019 for renovation reasons. And since the exhibition halls in Rotterdam have not been used since March 2020, the museum was able to implement an unusual exhibition format there and initiated a drive-in exhibition. The image formats of the exhibits and media installations were also unusual. Visitors drove independently through the large, thirteen-meter-high exhibition halls in their own or rented emission-free electric car. They sat protected in the vehicles while observing the applicable safety distances and experienced the installations and digital works of art in the exhibition through the car windows. A total of four huge LED screens, each 14 m wide and 8 m high, were set up and filled with digital art. The LED panels were hung diagonally in the room for optimal viewing from the car and enabled full-format viewing through the window panes. The only 3.4 to heavy LED displays were planned, statically calculated and installed for the partner company VidiSquare from Belgium by the Wuppertal company Innlights Displaysolutions. The InnScreen R3 HE LED panel with a 3.9 mm pixel pitch was used, which has already been used at various major international events, such as the Pan American Games 2019 in Peru. The LED batch covers 1,000 square meters and is therefore one of the largest 3.9 mm batches for indoor/outdoor use in the European market.  

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