Successful BOE participation for Innlights

Video Cube and Innlights RCA Remote Control App at „Wow Wuppertal”. Innlights Displaysolutions was exhibiting at booth C24 in hall 7 at this year’s Best of Events in Dortmund. The joint stand was planned and organized by FAIR EVENTS 10.0 for the marketing cooperation „Wow Wuppertal”. Innlights, also from Wuppertal, supplied the InnScreen C2 LED displays including the Innlights Remote Control App for the feeds of the four pages on the high-resolution video cube. Hartmut Vogel, Managing Director of FAIR EVENTS 10.0, commented: „The Innlights RCA fitted perfectly into our trade fair concept. Each partner on the stand was able to individually and interactively integrate their desired content without any technical assistance, either by mobile phone or tablet.” Innlights’ LED technology not only demonstrated the performance of its latest version of the Remote Control App, but also the prove the outstanding image quality of InnScreen C2. Thomas Klem, Innlights Managing Director, said: „C2 is a high-end indoor LED product with a small pixel pitch of just 2.84mm, working with Innlights’ new 2D and 3D processing. As a single batch, Innlights has a storage volume of 500 square meters of C2.”

InnScreen S2 enables Visual Digitization at Stadionwelt

As part of a second cooperation, Innlights Displaysolutions presented another very up-to-date and high-resolution LED panel with InnScreen S2 at the Stadionwelt stand in Hall 5, Booth B20. The advantages of the LED panel with its „Direct Wall Mounting” specification made it easy for visitors to convince themselves at the Stadionwelt stand. The InnScreen S-Series is mounted directly on the wall without the need for a rear triangle, with a thickness of only 42 mm. It is suitable for fixed installations, e.g. retail digital signage applications. Stadionwelt was also very satisfied. „For the first time we used a digitally feeded LED display here at BOE. We are happy about the great picture brilliance, the flexible playback of the pictures and the diverse forms of presentation”, says Carsten Ponsar from Stadionwelt. Media control systems such as the Innlights RCA are being used more and more frequently at trade fairs, because they are recorded and controlled with content in a user-friendly and cost-efficient manner via mobile phone or tablet. Thomas Klem summarizes: „More and more customers are convinced of the advantages of digital information and content, while being easy to use. This leads to an increasing spread of visual digitization in all areas of application.”

Digital Signage for Crazy Jump

Control with Innlights Remote Control App and Mobile Device. Modern sports and leisure parks are increasingly showing themselves as media experience spaces. With the possibilities of visual digitization, visitors are often offered a comprehensive information and entertainment program. So also in the new Crazy Jump in Wuppertal. The trampoline park on 5,000 square meters and with over 100 trampolines has recently been equipped with a comprehensive digital signage system from Innlights Displaysolutions. A large LED display in the foyer and twelve 55 “LCD displays provide the right information in the foyer, at the check-in counter, at the many different jump attractions and in the catering trade. For the LED screen Innlights InnScreen S3 was used, a very slim LED panel perfect for permanent installation. It has a thickness of only 42 mm and is mounted directly on the wall. For optimum operation, the LED panels are very energy-efficient and can be easily and quickly maintained from the front. Crazy Jump uses the Innlights Remote Control Application (RCA) to ensure that tariff options and prices, instructions and safety instructions, leap times and videos run on the desired displays at the right time. With their help, the staff of the trampoline park on site controls the media playback with time control and the media update itself if necessary. Operation via tablet PC is very user-friendly and requires no special knowledge. This ensures cost-efficient continuous operation of the digital signage system via Innlights RCA.

LED-Screen fixed installation Giga-Center

High-resolution LED display InnScreen J2 with RCA control. The Giga-Center in a prime location on the Hohenzollernring stands for pure Family Center entertainment. On five floors, visitors will find plenty of entertainment: from billiards and darts to electronic games such as online and VR games. The media equipment of the center is very modern. In April, Innlights Displaysolutions installed another high-resolution LED display on the ground floor in a prominent position after an impressive LED installation on the façade of the Giga-Center in 2014. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “Four years ago, we took over four-storey high-level LED display InnScreen X9 in operation, which is still in operation without errors. The task for the recently installed indoor LED display was solved with InnScreen J2 and our user-friendly control app RCA “. The J2 display has an HD resolution with a small pixel pitch of 2.9 mm and is recorded and controlled with the Innlights Remote Control Application. So the customer can not only update and adapt the content with the practical app from his smartphone, but also select different sources of feed, for example to feed TV programs. Optionally and as a future application, the integration of the LED wall is planned in the regular paid game range of the Giga-Center. For this purpose, the RCA control is extended by a customer-specific program module. Thomas Klem comments: “We presented the Innlights Remote Control Application at the beginning of the year at the Best of Events. We are pleased about the continued great interest and the many possible applications for the visual digitization of content “.

LED perimeter system

Flexible indoor and outdoor system with high resolution. Innlights Displaysolutions recently introduced a new LED perimeter system. The technique is used in indoor sports events from basketball, handball and judo to outdoor use in football matches. Marius Kuschmierz, technical director at Innlights, explains: “The solution we developed allows the use of our leading event rental products, such as InnScreen R5, InnScreen M5, InnScreen C2 and C3 as LED perimeter technology.” InnScreen M5 is extremely robust for display and floor applications indoor and outdoor. The InnScreen C-series offers high resolution, which is particularly advantageous at typical viewing distances in halls. The use of the InnScreen R5 modules allowes quite fast construction, because of the panel size of 0.5 by 1 meter. For the Judo World Cup in late 2017 and the Judo Grand Slam in February 2018, the innovative LED perimeter was used by event technology service provider Thöne & Partner. Christoph Heidrich, Project Manager at Innlights: “With our innovative system, we offer our sports event customers alternative LED specifications for the high-quality presentation of sponsor information and advertising, depending on the purpose. For project business and dry hire leases, we now have recourse to various LED panels in high resolutions, each with up to 250 sqm. “

ADAC Supercross with Innlights

! 100 sqm LED-cube at the Westfalenhalle Dortmund. ADAC Supercross is an annual motorcycle highlight in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund. From January 12th on three days international qualification and final races took place in the motocross classes SX1 to SX4. In addition to the spectacular off-road course in the interior of the hall, a large video cube appeared prominently above the visitors. Each of its four sites featured live images from the shows, races, as well as graphic animations and sponsor logos.

The total size of the four screens, each measuring 6 x 4 meters, was around 100 square meters, installed and supplied by Innlights Displaysolutions. Innlights is a provider of professional LED technology for rental and sale. The InnScreen R5 LED product is ideal for large indoor applications. For example, the rectangular R5 panel has a dimension of 50 x 100 centimeters. This allows large-area LED displays to be installed quickly and precisely. Each side of the video cube thus consisted of only 12 x 4 LED panels. The four high-resolution displays delivered brilliant images with a brightness of 1,300 cd/m² in a wide viewing angle. Visitors saw the best possible video image of the race from every seat. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights Displaysolutions sums up the commitment of his team and the technology used: “We are now equipping the ADAC Supercross event for the fourth time in a row. This year we also created the graphic content for the intro and the sponsor advertising. Besides Dry Hire for LED technology, we also offer our customers services and pixel-perfect image production for LED displays of every dimension “.

Innlights with LED backdrop for URBANATIX

! 120 sqm LED screen in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. “For our scenic stage design, we put on a media-recorded LED screen with great brightness and color brilliance in front of the artist sometimes very close in the spotlight could act.” said Christian Eggert, owner and director of the agency DACAPO from Bochum.

At this year’s URBANATIX project in Bochum’s Jahrhunderthalle, a 24-meter-long and 5-meter-high LED wall ran across the entire width of the stage, supplied and installed by Innlights Displayolutions. The company, based in Wuppertal is a provider of displays of all sizes and equips events and fixed installations with LED technology. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights Displaysolutions, reports about the technology used: “LED displays require little depth, thus creating an optimal, space-saving stage backdrop. At the same time, the image is very resistant to stray light from the stage lights”. That’s why the high-contrast InnScreen R5 LED panel with black face LEDs and a brightness of 1300 cd/sqm was used. The pixel pitch of only 5.9 mm allowed a width of 4k resolution. 3D picture elements, visualized on the LED-screen, stood out very plastically. Accordingly, the conclusion of Christian Eggert was: “The result was great: the perfect illusion of the 3D objects that for the audience surprisingly rose in the image of the LED wall up and did not turn out to be real objects on the stage. Technically, the implementation by Innlights was perfect, reliable and error-free on all shows”.

Innlights InnScreen for the Kö Galerie anniversary

LED panel for group-buying is a successful rental product. Under the name Innlights Displaysolutions, the Wuppertal-based agency TRENDCARD sells LED displays for events, trade fairs and installations. The LED product InnScreen C3 successfully launched Innlights via group-buying together with partners in May.

With this uniform LED batch in a total area of ​​200 square meters, even large rental projects can be equipped with homogeneous image quality. On the occasion of the Kö Galerie anniversary in Düsseldorf at the beginning of September 2017, Padco AG, service provider for media and event technology from Cologne, acquired InnScreen C3 including controlling and playback technology for Innlights as part of the group-buying partnership. C3 has excellent properties for the rental market in terms of resolution, brightness and ruggedness. Padco installed the C3 modules in a special LED screen setup with a segmented image area for the event in the Kö Galerie. The concept was provided by SOTA, the media technology partner of Kö Galerie. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of TRENDCARD, commented: “SOTA worked with TRENDCARD to produce the content on the LED screen. The video program produced by us in conjunction with the very brilliant InnScreen C3 led to a convincing picture result.”

Innlights LED-screen for CentrO Oberhausen

Large outdoor display for SIGN YOU outdoor advertising space. The company SIGN YOU mediascreen is a provider of out-of-home advertising in the Ruhr area and is constantly expanding its range of digital LED video screens for large-format advertising.

For its new LED installation in the CentrO Oberhausen, the local media owner again commissioned the full-service provider Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal after a previous installation in Essen on the Limbecker Platz. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “We have many years of experience in the planning and implementation of large LED displays and we have an outstanding LED panel for the needs of SIGN YOU”. As a result, InnScreen F10 with an image size of 7.7 x 3.8 meters is now being used in Oberhausen. With daylight-controlled brightness of up to 7,000 cd/m², the image reproduction is perfectly matched day and night and is brilliant all year round, even in bright sunlight. The panels are weatherproofed especially in accordance with IP 65 and are particularly UV-resistant. The year-round 24/7 continuous operation of the LED display is very economical. The LED panels are particularly energy-efficient and with their 105 mm flat design are service-friendly designed for front and backside revision. During the recording, not only high-resolution advertising graphics and pictures are provided by the operator, but also attention-grabbing animations. Video processing with a high refresh rate ensures smooth processes in image reproduction.

“Schwebebahnlauf” with LED portals

Innlights Displaysolutions provides dynamic start and finish displays. The “Schwebebahnlauf” in Wuppertal is an annual sporting event on the highway B7 along the suspension railway in the city center.

Two LED portals framed the start and finish positions of the suspension railway run with publicity and image impact. The digital presentation of the portals allowed for each of the five races with a total of more than 9,000 runners its own appearance. Innlights Displaysolutions, based in Wupperta,  had delivered and installed these specially shaped LED displays and another display for the central stage. Managing Director Thomas Klem reports: “Thanks to the LED technology, an individual shape of the portals was possible. The feed represented the appropriate motifs ranging from changing sponsor advertising to running information and animated countdowns.” In addition, the LED display on the stage showed live events from the running track. Thomas Klem concluded on the event: “The two large LED portals in particular contributed to the successful appearance of this supraregional sports event”.

Innlights extends the rental park again

InnScreen C-series with high resolution for trade fair applications. Innlights Displaysolutions is known as an LED display provider for rental and sales. The company has expanded its rental portfolio with new indoor products of the “C-series” especially for trade fair use. Next to InnScreen C3, there is another, even higher-resolution LED panel available.

With InnScreen C2, customers can now rent high-quality LED displays with a pixel pitch of 2.84 mm. The brightness of this new LED panel with 1,100 cd/m² enables brilliant pictures even under bright exhibition conditions. Both LED panels offer a large vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 140°, as well as high refresh rates in the control for flawless video playback even with fast movements. The InnScreen C3 offers curved applications with angles in 5° increments from 0° to 20° “convex curved” and 0° to 30° “concave curved”. For flat and curved screens, the C3 technology with many different variations fulfills the requirements of a wide variety of booth designs. Both InnScreen products, C2 and C3, are CNC-milled aluminum for precise construction and robust handling. Managing Director Thomas Klem concludes: “At the trade fair, the trend towards a small pixel pitch is unbroken. The LED panels of the C-series are excellently suited with their specifications. InnScreen C2 and C3 are now available, even in large contingents “.