Innlights presents its own videoprocessing

InnVision SCL and SCXL are new high-end controllers for LED screens. In addition to numerous InnScreen LED series, Innlights now offers its own developed solution for the control of LED panels.

InnVision is designed for the high-quality and brilliant rendering of Full-HD and UHD image signals on LED displays. In order to be able to display the features of the new controllers, all new InnScreen LED panels are already equipped with the new InnVision-i9 receiving cards. The InnVision controllers ensure exactly synchronized splicing and cascading in multi-controller installations with options for brightness/color adjustment as well as optimized gray levels at low brightness values. With these controllers, operations such as Picture in Picture or Scaling, Zoom and Splitting are being supported.

InnVision SCL is designed for efficient and flexible video processing up to 1,920 x 1,200 Px @ 60 Hz and displays video sources even up to a color depth of 12 bit. InnVision SCL processes the video data latency-free and supports HDCP 1.4. In version SCXL the controller is designed for 4k video and UHD HDR image processing and supports HDCP 2.2. InnVision SCXL processes video signals up to 3.840 x 2.160 Px @ 60 Hz. In width/height, a maximum of 8,192 pixels can be displayed. Furthermore the controller is suitable for 3D playback. Both broadcast standards, side-by-side horizontal and top-and-bottom, can be used.

Marius Kuschmierz, Head of Technical Project Management, describes the customer benefits of the new video processing: “In combination with our LED display products, the InnVision controllers offer the best possible image quality for all conceivable applications, both indoors and outdoors. And together with our auxiliary solutions such as Innlights RCA, the customer receives everything from one source for rental and permanent installation. At the same time Marius Kuschmierz already announces the next development: “Soon
we will bring an additional controller with InnVision SCXL Pro on the market. With four 10 G fiber optic outputs it provides great optimizations for the cable connection of LED screens”.

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