LED-Walls for Outdoor-Cinemas

Innlights implements several full-service installations 

Special times need special solutions. Instead of large LED displays for trade fairs and events, large format LED video wall solutions for drive-in events are in demand. Here, visitors can experience variety safely and at a distance from each other outside the home, with the family or in pairs. Kolja Birkenbach from Innlights Displaysolutions notes: The tried-and-tested drive-in format is currently experiencing a revival. Thanks to bright LED technology, the image is bright and completely independent of dusk or dark. This allows organizers to freely plan their program.” In Remscheid, on April 22, 2020, Innlights installed an almost 20 meter wide LED wall for the drive-in cinema of the organizer Clalüna Connection GmbH on Schützenplatz. Because of the large parking areas, drive-in cinema also means large, impressive cinema images in high resolution for a lasting viewer experience in every visitor vehicle“, says the client Patrick Clalüna. InnScreen Y4 HE and X4 HE were used, whose LED modules differ only in their size. Planning and implementation of the project was carried out by Innlights Displaysolutions. This also included the application and approval of the exclusive VHF radio frequencies for the sound transmission via FM transmitter. This enables viewers to receive the sound directly from their car radios. Innlights also supplied the playback technology for the drive-in cinema on Schützenplatz. The in-house technicians look after the media installation on a daily basis 

Movies are shown in the afternoons and evenings. In a second installation, Innlights also installed an LED display with a width of 18 meters and a height of 7.5 meters for the drive-in cinema on P4 at Paderborn Airport on April 29, 2020. With the high-resolution LED wall (4,608 x 1,920 pixels), a very high image contrast and the brightness of 4,000 cd/m², the pre-program and cinema films shine in the best quality. The fully compatible InnScreen Q3 HE and InnScreen R3 HE LED modules are used. Both systems are equipped with the “Black Face SMD 1921”. The InnVision SCXL video controller launched by Innlights in March enables perfect video playback. Innlights RCA also uses products developed in-house for playback technology. Trailers and advertising blocks for various cinema screenings are quickly and easily played here. The entire project was implemented by Innlights on behalf of Impossible Show Solutions GmbH from Hamburg. This also included the planning of the Layher scaffolding for the free-standing 135 sqm screen. The construction was developed in cooperation with the company Thönen und Partner. As part of our full service, we use trained industrial climbers and have driving permissions for all vehicles and lifting devices required on site. We set up the LED wall in just two days. Amongst other things 40 t of weights placed for protection“, says Kolja Birkenbach. Thomas Klem, managing director of Innlights Displaysolutions, sees the revival of the drive-in cinema as a success story: We currently have many inquiries for drive-in cinema solutions and are already implementing other projects, not just for the playback of cinema programs. 

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