Innlights LED-screen for CentrO Oberhausen

Large outdoor display for SIGN YOU outdoor advertising space. The company SIGN YOU mediascreen is a provider of out-of-home advertising in the Ruhr area and is constantly expanding its range of digital LED video screens for large-format advertising.

For its new LED installation in the CentrO Oberhausen, the local media owner again commissioned the full-service provider Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal after a previous installation in Essen on the Limbecker Platz. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “We have many years of experience in the planning and implementation of large LED displays and we have an outstanding LED panel for the needs of SIGN YOU”. As a result, InnScreen F10 with an image size of 7.7 x 3.8 meters is now being used in Oberhausen. With daylight-controlled brightness of up to 7,000 cd/m², the image reproduction is perfectly matched day and night and is brilliant all year round, even in bright sunlight. The panels are weatherproofed especially in accordance with IP 65 and are particularly UV-resistant. The year-round 24/7 continuous operation of the LED display is very economical. The LED panels are particularly energy-efficient and with their 105 mm flat design are service-friendly designed for front and backside revision. During the recording, not only high-resolution advertising graphics and pictures are provided by the operator, but also attention-grabbing animations. Video processing with a high refresh rate ensures smooth processes in image reproduction.

“Schwebebahnlauf” with LED portals

Innlights Displaysolutions provides dynamic start and finish displays. The “Schwebebahnlauf” in Wuppertal is an annual sporting event on the highway B7 along the suspension railway in the city center.

Two LED portals framed the start and finish positions of the suspension railway run with publicity and image impact. The digital presentation of the portals allowed for each of the five races with a total of more than 9,000 runners its own appearance. Innlights Displaysolutions, based in Wupperta,  had delivered and installed these specially shaped LED displays and another display for the central stage. Managing Director Thomas Klem reports: “Thanks to the LED technology, an individual shape of the portals was possible. The feed represented the appropriate motifs ranging from changing sponsor advertising to running information and animated countdowns.” In addition, the LED display on the stage showed live events from the running track. Thomas Klem concluded on the event: “The two large LED portals in particular contributed to the successful appearance of this supraregional sports event”.

Innlights extends the rental park again

InnScreen C-series with high resolution for trade fair applications. Innlights Displaysolutions is known as an LED display provider for rental and sales. The company has expanded its rental portfolio with new indoor products of the “C-series” especially for trade fair use. Next to InnScreen C3, there is another, even higher-resolution LED panel available.

With InnScreen C2, customers can now rent high-quality LED displays with a pixel pitch of 2.84 mm. The brightness of this new LED panel with 1,100 cd/m² enables brilliant pictures even under bright exhibition conditions. Both LED panels offer a large vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 140°, as well as high refresh rates in the control for flawless video playback even with fast movements. The InnScreen C3 offers curved applications with angles in 5° increments from 0° to 20° “convex curved” and 0° to 30° “concave curved”. For flat and curved screens, the C3 technology with many different variations fulfills the requirements of a wide variety of booth designs. Both InnScreen products, C2 and C3, are CNC-milled aluminum for precise construction and robust handling. Managing Director Thomas Klem concludes: “At the trade fair, the trend towards a small pixel pitch is unbroken. The LED panels of the C-series are excellently suited with their specifications. InnScreen C2 and C3 are now available, even in large contingents “.