LED perimeter system

Flexible indoor and outdoor system with high resolution. Innlights Displaysolutions recently introduced a new LED perimeter system. The technique is used in indoor sports events from basketball, handball and judo to outdoor use in football matches. Marius Kuschmierz, technical director at Innlights, explains: “The solution we developed allows the use of our leading event rental products, such as InnScreen R5, InnScreen M5, InnScreen C2 and C3 as LED perimeter technology.” InnScreen M5 is extremely robust for display and floor applications indoor and outdoor. The InnScreen C-series offers high resolution, which is particularly advantageous at typical viewing distances in halls. The use of the InnScreen R5 modules allowes quite fast construction, because of the panel size of 0.5 by 1 meter. For the Judo World Cup in late 2017 and the Judo Grand Slam in February 2018, the innovative LED perimeter was used by event technology service provider Thöne & Partner. Christoph Heidrich, Project Manager at Innlights: “With our innovative system, we offer our sports event customers alternative LED specifications for the high-quality presentation of sponsor information and advertising, depending on the purpose. For project business and dry hire leases, we now have recourse to various LED panels in high resolutions, each with up to 250 sqm. “

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