InnScreen A1 for TV-Studio

LED-highlight with three video backdrops in highest resolution. LED displays in TV studios must meet the highest requirements to ensure that the image quality in the camera signal is flawless. These include high image resolution, balanced color reproduction, coordinated image contrast, and a large, homogeneous viewing angle of the LED displays. The fact that InnScreen A 1.2 is an outstanding LED product for this area of application was recently demonstrated during the installation in the Düsseldorf Rheinstudios, which was planned and implemented by Innlights Displaysolutions. The task was to integrate three eight-square-meter UHD-resolution LED displays into the design of the studio backdrop. In addition to the best possible image properties, the focus was particularly on the structural design, since areas of the studio used directly behind the backdrop adjoin and a wired LED backdrop was out of the question in studio operation. All the required specifications were easily covered by InnScreen A 1.2. Thanks to the pixel pitch of just 1.25 mm, the three displays present in UHD resolution. The homogeneous overall image is ensured by the particularly dimensionally accurate LED panels, the exact technical installation, and the precise calibration. All LED panels are connected to each other with plug connections without cables and thus offer a perfect rear view. The LED technology is controlled by Novastar’s 4k LED controller R5, with a refresh rate of 3,840 Hz. This ensures the best possible video display for the studio cameras. With InnScreen A 1.2, the Rheinstudios now have a high-quality and operationally reliable LED display technology in permanent studio and broadcast operation, which fits perfectly into the studio design.

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