LED-Screen fixed installation Giga-Center

High-resolution LED display InnScreen J2 with RCA control. The Giga-Center in a prime location on the Hohenzollernring stands for pure Family Center entertainment. On five floors, visitors will find plenty of entertainment: from billiards and darts to electronic games such as online and VR games. The media equipment of the center is very modern. In April, Innlights Displaysolutions installed another high-resolution LED display on the ground floor in a prominent position after an impressive LED installation on the façade of the Giga-Center in 2014. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “Four years ago, we took over four-storey high-level LED display InnScreen X9 in operation, which is still in operation without errors. The task for the recently installed indoor LED display was solved with InnScreen J2 and our user-friendly control app RCA “. The J2 display has an HD resolution with a small pixel pitch of 2.9 mm and is recorded and controlled with the Innlights Remote Control Application. So the customer can not only update and adapt the content with the practical app from his smartphone, but also select different sources of feed, for example to feed TV programs. Optionally and as a future application, the integration of the LED wall is planned in the regular paid game range of the Giga-Center. For this purpose, the RCA control is extended by a customer-specific program module. Thomas Klem comments: “We presented the Innlights Remote Control Application at the beginning of the year at the Best of Events. We are pleased about the continued great interest and the many possible applications for the visual digitization of content “.

Architectural LED-screen

New Innlights S-Series available with pixel pitches 1.9 mm, 2.6 mm and 3.9 mm. For permanent LED installations in retail shops, conference rooms, clubs and foyers, the InnScreen S series – with a quite low installation depth of just 42 mm – is the perfect choice. Particularly interesting for retail applications: the LED panels can be adapted to the interior design and circulate inside and outside corners and are completely revisable from the front of the display. Due to the low structural strength of the LED panel, the loss of space is minimal. For perfect fitting, the 25 cm high S-Series LED panels are available in different widths of 50 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm. The refresh rate of up to 3.840 Hz ensures best video performance. The image is bright and very rich in contrast with a large viewing angle of 140°, vertically and horizontally. First installations with InnScreen S2 and S3 are already in daily use. For example, in a bank in Rabat, Morocco, a 14 square meter LED display with a 4k resolution in the customer center and a 7 meter wide LED display band in the foyer were recently put into operation. And since the 26th of April, a 28 sqm InnScreen S3-screen, with a native resolution of 4.544 x 384 pixels, lits the well-known Pacha Ibiza Club in Munich. The S-Series LED installations are fed via tablet PCs with the successful Innlights Remote Control Application (RCA). The Innlights S-series among others is an innovative product for the perfect visual digitization of the retail shop segment.

Innlights RCA presented at BOE

User-friendly control for LED displays. At this year’s Best of Events in Dortmund, Innlights Displaysolutions presented a novel control for image and video programs on LED screens under the name Innlights Remote Control Application. The trade fair visitors were impressed by the easy handling and performance of the software solution at the joint booth of Innlights and the partners Saalbau GmbH from Frankfurt and Lleyendecker eventsolutions from Wuppertal on January 10th and 11th. Interactive and playful videos, pictures and a 360° VR presentation on a four-meter-wide curved LED display, InnScreen C3, and a LED floor application with InnScreen M5 Floor could be played. The different event locations of Saalbau were very lively and realistic. Marius Kuschmierz, technical director of Innlights comments: “We controlled all media, including the virtual reality application, with the help of our Remote Control App simply from a mobile phone. Innlights RCA works across platforms and is designed for mobile, tablet and laptop / PC.” Even the creation of program sequences or a timed playback with playlists can be handled without specific knowledge  of it via RCA. The program playback is documented in the system so that, for example, billboard advertisements can be recorded and displayed. Short-term customization options or program changes through simple media integration ensure maximum flexibility. Innlights RCA is not limited to the use at trade fairs and events. The system is also ideally suited for fixed installations and enables automatic, daily updated or event-related feeds. Marius Kuschmierz summarizes: “The system is suitable wherever flexible use and operation without the use of technicians, without the use of complex video technology and without knowledge of pixel dimensions, scaling processes, or similar LED displays is needed.”

Innlights LED-screen for CentrO Oberhausen

Large outdoor display for SIGN YOU outdoor advertising space. The company SIGN YOU mediascreen is a provider of out-of-home advertising in the Ruhr area and is constantly expanding its range of digital LED video screens for large-format advertising.

For its new LED installation in the CentrO Oberhausen, the local media owner again commissioned the full-service provider Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal after a previous installation in Essen on the Limbecker Platz. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights reports: “We have many years of experience in the planning and implementation of large LED displays and we have an outstanding LED panel for the needs of SIGN YOU”. As a result, InnScreen F10 with an image size of 7.7 x 3.8 meters is now being used in Oberhausen. With daylight-controlled brightness of up to 7,000 cd/m², the image reproduction is perfectly matched day and night and is brilliant all year round, even in bright sunlight. The panels are weatherproofed especially in accordance with IP 65 and are particularly UV-resistant. The year-round 24/7 continuous operation of the LED display is very economical. The LED panels are particularly energy-efficient and with their 105 mm flat design are service-friendly designed for front and backside revision. During the recording, not only high-resolution advertising graphics and pictures are provided by the operator, but also attention-grabbing animations. Video processing with a high refresh rate ensures smooth processes in image reproduction.

Innlights extends the rental park again

InnScreen C-series with high resolution for trade fair applications. Innlights Displaysolutions is known as an LED display provider for rental and sales. The company has expanded its rental portfolio with new indoor products of the “C-series” especially for trade fair use. Next to InnScreen C3, there is another, even higher-resolution LED panel available.

With InnScreen C2, customers can now rent high-quality LED displays with a pixel pitch of 2.84 mm. The brightness of this new LED panel with 1,100 cd/m² enables brilliant pictures even under bright exhibition conditions. Both LED panels offer a large vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 140°, as well as high refresh rates in the control for flawless video playback even with fast movements. The InnScreen C3 offers curved applications with angles in 5° increments from 0° to 20° “convex curved” and 0° to 30° “concave curved”. For flat and curved screens, the C3 technology with many different variations fulfills the requirements of a wide variety of booth designs. Both InnScreen products, C2 and C3, are CNC-milled aluminum for precise construction and robust handling. Managing Director Thomas Klem concludes: “At the trade fair, the trend towards a small pixel pitch is unbroken. The LED panels of the C-series are excellently suited with their specifications. InnScreen C2 and C3 are now available, even in large contingents “.

LED-Displays for Exzenterhaus Bochum

Freestanding LED pylons from Innlights Displaysolutions. The Exzenterhaus Bochum is a striking high-rise on Universitätsstraße. It is known nationally with its eye-catching architecture. Since mid-May, a large LED display has been installed on the busy street next to the building in each direction of travel. The daylight-capable displays provide information about the 2013 completed business and office tower.

On behalf of the agency peak2 from Bochum, the company Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal planned and installed these two LED pylons in public space on the street. Managing Director Thomas Klem reports on the two advertising spaces: “As an LED provider, we do not just see ourselves as a hardware provider, but as a partner for the entire implementation. We supply our customers with finished solutions ranging from statics and metal construction to high-quality LED technology for years of reliable 24/7 operation. Thus, the customer acquires a complete installation from a single source “. In the planning phase, the size is defined and the optimum LED technology for the respective location is selected. For the two locations at the Exzenterhaus Bochum, the image size was 3.5 x 2.5 meters. The LED display was designed in the arrangement of 7 x 5 panels with the high-resolution outdoor product InnScreen M5 with a brightness of 5,000 cd / sqm. With a pixel pitch of 5.95 mm, the image area achieves a resolution of 588 x 420 pixels, which shows passers-by and passing vehicals a bright and brilliant image. For easy handling by the operator, the system was delivered together with the appropriate digital signage software “Friendly Way”. The customer can import the desired content without external effort in no time and bring it to the LED displays for viewing. Thomas Klem comments: “This makes our LED pylons a modern, digital advertising space for our customers. In addition, Innlights Displaysolutions is always available as part of its after-sales service. For the customer, this means a secure investment for long-term, trouble-free usagee. “

Innlights LED-videodisplay for Just Fit

Welcome Desk with high resolution media installation. Just Fit, one of the leading fitness providers in North Rhine-Westphalia, operates 22 state-of-the-art fitness facilities and recently reopened its “Feminin Fitnessclub” in Cologne’s Mediapark at the beginning of May. Fitness and lifestyle determine the new appearance.

At the welcome desk, visitors are welcomed with an eye-catching LED video display in the Just Fit look with various training and sports scenes in the format 4.0 x 1.5 meters. Planning and implementation for hardware and playback are made by Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal. The innovative welcome desk display is high-resolution and is based on the LED technology InnScreen J2 with a pixel pitch of only 2.9 mm. Christoph Heidrich, Technical Project Manager at Innlights Displaysolutions says: “The brilliant and bright image of the display can be seen from a large viewing angle of 140 ° vertically and horizontally. At the same time, the power consumption of the LED screen is low and allows cost-effective continuous operation of the media installation.” Innlights Displaysolutions also provides the operator with individual and user-friendly software tools for the playback of the content. With the “Content Composer” the customer can prepare and import all contents in the digital signage application himself. Miriam Gräper, Just Fit Marketing: “With this overall solution, our welcome desk is very appealing and informative for our members upon arrival. We can import all content quickly and flexibly without incurring external costs. “