Innlights with LED backdrop for URBANATIX

! 120 sqm LED screen in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. “For our scenic stage design, we put on a media-recorded LED screen with great brightness and color brilliance in front of the artist sometimes very close in the spotlight could act.” said Christian Eggert, owner and director of the agency DACAPO from Bochum.

At this year’s URBANATIX project in Bochum’s Jahrhunderthalle, a 24-meter-long and 5-meter-high LED wall ran across the entire width of the stage, supplied and installed by Innlights Displayolutions. The company, based in Wuppertal is a provider of displays of all sizes and equips events and fixed installations with LED technology. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of Innlights Displaysolutions, reports about the technology used: “LED displays require little depth, thus creating an optimal, space-saving stage backdrop. At the same time, the image is very resistant to stray light from the stage lights”. That’s why the high-contrast InnScreen R5 LED panel with black face LEDs and a brightness of 1300 cd/sqm was used. The pixel pitch of only 5.9 mm allowed a width of 4k resolution. 3D picture elements, visualized on the LED-screen, stood out very plastically. Accordingly, the conclusion of Christian Eggert was: “The result was great: the perfect illusion of the 3D objects that for the audience surprisingly rose in the image of the LED wall up and did not turn out to be real objects on the stage. Technically, the implementation by Innlights was perfect, reliable and error-free on all shows”.

Innlights InnScreen for the Kö Galerie anniversary

LED panel for group-buying is a successful rental product. Under the name Innlights Displaysolutions, the Wuppertal-based agency TRENDCARD sells LED displays for events, trade fairs and installations. The LED product InnScreen C3 successfully launched Innlights via group-buying together with partners in May.

With this uniform LED batch in a total area of ​​200 square meters, even large rental projects can be equipped with homogeneous image quality. On the occasion of the Kö Galerie anniversary in Düsseldorf at the beginning of September 2017, Padco AG, service provider for media and event technology from Cologne, acquired InnScreen C3 including controlling and playback technology for Innlights as part of the group-buying partnership. C3 has excellent properties for the rental market in terms of resolution, brightness and ruggedness. Padco installed the C3 modules in a special LED screen setup with a segmented image area for the event in the Kö Galerie. The concept was provided by SOTA, the media technology partner of Kö Galerie. Thomas Klem, Managing Director of TRENDCARD, commented: “SOTA worked with TRENDCARD to produce the content on the LED screen. The video program produced by us in conjunction with the very brilliant InnScreen C3 led to a convincing picture result.”

Essener Lichterwochen with LED-mesh by Innlights

InnScreen I30 for semi-transparent outdoor video installation. It is dawning early in these days. At the Willy-Brandt-Platz in Essen, this created the necessary framework for a very special event. As part of the “Essener Lichterwochen”, every evening from October 29 to January 7, the video installation “Curtain of Light” is shown on a giant LED curtain.

Exciting motifs and animations on the subject of “Green Capital Europe – Essen 2017” were presented. The 16-meter-wide LED mesh curtain hung between two buildings on a 60-meter steel cable. In mesh technology, the individual SMD LEDs are arranged on a dimensionally stable carrier network. The nets can be plugged together and can create large image areas when combined. The LED product from Innlights Displaysolutions in Wuppertal, Germany, is called the InnScreen I30 and weighs just 8.6 kg/m², making it ideal for large, hanging outdoor applications. The mesh product with a pixel pitch of 30 millimeters and a transparency of 45% is safe to use even under heavy wind loads. At the same time, the image brightness of 2,000 cd/m² is very brilliant. Innlights not only supplied and installed the LED technology, but also provided the video processing and playback technology. The image content and program flow was produced by the communication agency V2A.NET from Essen. All content has been specially designed for the semi-transparent LED curtain. Innlights Managing Director Thomas Klem comments: “The technical advantages on the one hand and the creative possibilities on the other hand achieved the impressive image effect of the LED curtain at the “Essener Lichterwochen”. Thanks to the transparent LED technology, the pictures were atmospherically collaged with the backdrop of the illuminated square”.

“Schwebebahnlauf” with LED portals

Innlights Displaysolutions provides dynamic start and finish displays. The “Schwebebahnlauf” in Wuppertal is an annual sporting event on the highway B7 along the suspension railway in the city center.

Two LED portals framed the start and finish positions of the suspension railway run with publicity and image impact. The digital presentation of the portals allowed for each of the five races with a total of more than 9,000 runners its own appearance. Innlights Displaysolutions, based in Wupperta,  had delivered and installed these specially shaped LED displays and another display for the central stage. Managing Director Thomas Klem reports: “Thanks to the LED technology, an individual shape of the portals was possible. The feed represented the appropriate motifs ranging from changing sponsor advertising to running information and animated countdowns.” In addition, the LED display on the stage showed live events from the running track. Thomas Klem concluded on the event: “The two large LED portals in particular contributed to the successful appearance of this supraregional sports event”.

Innlights extends the rental park again

InnScreen C-series with high resolution for trade fair applications. Innlights Displaysolutions is known as an LED display provider for rental and sales. The company has expanded its rental portfolio with new indoor products of the “C-series” especially for trade fair use. Next to InnScreen C3, there is another, even higher-resolution LED panel available.

With InnScreen C2, customers can now rent high-quality LED displays with a pixel pitch of 2.84 mm. The brightness of this new LED panel with 1,100 cd/m² enables brilliant pictures even under bright exhibition conditions. Both LED panels offer a large vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 140°, as well as high refresh rates in the control for flawless video playback even with fast movements. The InnScreen C3 offers curved applications with angles in 5° increments from 0° to 20° “convex curved” and 0° to 30° “concave curved”. For flat and curved screens, the C3 technology with many different variations fulfills the requirements of a wide variety of booth designs. Both InnScreen products, C2 and C3, are CNC-milled aluminum for precise construction and robust handling. Managing Director Thomas Klem concludes: “At the trade fair, the trend towards a small pixel pitch is unbroken. The LED panels of the C-series are excellently suited with their specifications. InnScreen C2 and C3 are now available, even in large contingents “.

Innlights much noticed at the BOE

Innovative LED screen and precise kinetics as a pulse generator. Under the motto “LED screen meets kinetics”, Innlights Displaysolutions presented a large LED display installation using kinetic elements from 18. – 19.01.17 in Dortmund for BEST OF EVENTS. In cooperation with the partner companies Lleyendecker, ARRI Media and Nemedia, a sample application was created, that has been received very positively by the visitors.

Thanks to precise and synchronous movements, combined with high image resolution, the mobile square-screen InnScreen J2 LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.976 mm received a lot of attention. Marius Kuschmierz, CTO of Innlights, comments: “The J2 Cabinet with its outstanding image quality has a wireless design with integrated HARTING connections for data and power supply. This makes it ideal for mobile applications, as we see them here on the stand “. A particular highlight of the LED display: For the 50 square meter large area, different Innlights LED cabinets were used for direct image and product comparisons. Dramatically integrated in the show, the motor-driven LED display positioned itself in front of the LED video wall, which was equipped with InnScreen Q3 ST in the center and with InnScreen M5 on the sides.

InnScreen Q3 is a high-resolution cabinet for indoor use, while InnScreen M5 is an outdoor product with a brightness of 5,000 cd / m2. In the base of the LED video wall and in the floor another highlight of the booth was shown. Innlights M5 is also the bottom cabinet with the highest image resolution on the market today with a pixel pitch of 5.95 mm. By means of adjustable foot elements, the outdoor cabinets become a high-quality floor display in any arrangement. Thomas Klem, CEO of Innlights Displaysolutions, summarized the BOE presentation: “We wanted to set innovative impulses with our LED display installation and we were pleased about the very positive response from customers and interested parties. Innlights sees itself as a competent partner for outstanding LED projects and customized special solutions “.

LED screen meets kinetics

Innovative LED image solutions for the BEST OF EVENTS in Dortmund. The symbiosis of LED displays with precise kinetics will be presented by Innlights Displaysolutions from Wuppertal at this year´s BEST OF EVENTS on January 18th and 19th. In hall 4 C08 at Innlights joint stand in cooperation with the companies Lleyendecker, ARRI Media and Nemedia, the latest technological developments and current trends will be shown.

The image technology is based on LED products from Innlights in conjunction with the kinetic equipment from Lleyendecker under the programming of Nemedia. Visitors to the trade fair will also experience state-of-the-art in another innovation that introduces Innlights at the trade fair: an LED display in the floor with the highest image resolution. Both media installations on the stand prove the technical and creative potential of current LED image media. Innlights Displaysolutions sees itself as a competent partner for outstanding LED projects and customized special solutions.